(1) Abdication

Following his gaze, I found myself looking at the waves rise and fall, calmly bringing forth greenish-indigo waters that weren’t as much as gentle yesterday. I trail his orbs with my own, as they rush up to invade the stagnant beaches, and then retreat back into their own body. There was no life in the ocean, but perhaps that was what made it more sublime.

A sense of tranquility seemed existent, just almost.

There was just so much more in the world I’d like to show him, if only time never stopped and our lives were never-ending. The tales of us would unfold notoriously, in steady continuous pacing.

There was still so much left to say. If only the words could still be heard…

It was unbearable how the light of dawn from impossible angles could make you look alive once again…

But there was just no beauty in it.

No elegance or witty remark to top it off.


He sat there, quieter and stiller than a dead man.

Suddenly, the giant doors parted. There entered a soldier of some sort, bearing red, white and gold. He stood by where he was and said that it was time already.

There was a slight pause, a hint of hesitation.

Was I really going to do this? 

My mind was made.

I was, today, living for him.

Making no mistake, I took the first step towards him and stared him right in the essence of his being. And he looked back.

He was far weaker than me. I could definitely take him down. I could kill him, and I want to. I despise him; though we’ve never met. And his entire kingdom of which he serves. I’ll destroy everything he’s ever loved and known. And I’ll—

His lifeless corpse slid to the ground, as my grip on his soul loosened.

Silently, I walked out of the room. And began to ascend the throne room.

There he sat, young, bright and promising. And yet all I could see was you, in his place of what could’ve been.

He saw me, but I saw him first.

So, I turnt his smile sour, bent his neck, and pushed his cadaver off the grand place where he doesn’t belong

and replaced him.

The guards who obviously took note were shocked, and fearful. They, saw me for the monster I truly am and charged at me.

Sadly to say again, I saw then first. And absolved them of their skin and flesh. Their skeletons merely mirroring their desperate gasps for air.

The room filled up with countless others, and it didn’t mean anything. Because they were dead just like the soldiers of the days before.

They tried their best to kill me. But I killed them first, as I sat there wondering if we could’ve had it all.

In the end, they had caught me and limited me to just my thoughts alone.

Some couldn’t believe what I had done, some had knew it all along, and few were crying. I couldn’t tell them apart, because I couldn’t see. They had done something to me.

To my eyes.

But I could still hear them, loud and clear.

Their wavering voice. Wavering; not because they were unsure or hesitant, but because they were afraid, disgusted of such a vile creature like me. They raised their torches in unison, and for once, the nation had stood together, rich and poor, all against me.

I want to weep. Having known nothing but tragedy and loss, but my feelings fail me. So instead, I cackle.

It lasted for a mere split-second, but I felt it. The silence, bound by string.

Everyone knew it, I had been innocent from the very start.

“Repent, repent, O’cursed being!”


And that the only thing cursed here was this darn game.


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