26 Alphabet Myths.


1. Yacumamas.

A bigger creature darts ever-furiously, grinning hectically.

It jumbles kites laid meticulously neat over practically quieter rains.

Stretching through ubiquitously vanishing warmth,

xenophobic Yacumamas* z-ing.


A relatively large living thing runs around, angrily (as it always does), yet smiling crazily.

It tangles and knots the kites that were carefully arranged across the village of drizzles.

Extending it’s scales and taking off to someplace where winters are non-existent, are the fearful (of humans) Yacumamas* napping.



2. Yetis.

Ancient bubbling cauldrons, displaying eclectic futures.

Ghastly hollows induce juxtaposed kaleidoscopic-limited memories.

Never once prepared, questions restlessly stack taller.

Unto viridian worlds, where xanthodontous Yetis** zings.


Some old witch’s pot is being used to see the very undetermined future.

Dark shadows tell of contrasting colourful, ever-so-changing pasts.

Not prepared for the answers I’ve gotten, my questions for the cauldron began to increase.

Here at the green lush forests, where Yetis** with yellowing teeth are content.

Author’s notes:

*Yacumamas are the mythical creatures of South American’s indigenous population. They are snake-like dragons, about three meters long, believed to live along the riverbanks of the Amazon…

**A native folklore of Nepal, the Yetis are really huge, ape-like monsters normally portrayed to be living in snowy-forest conditions…


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