An essay I wrote for an unforgettable experience.

Why I want to be a journalist?

Every day, millions from all around the globe bring light even to the darkest places of our world. They strive to enlighten us, inform and share precious insight towards what might be happening on our ever-so chaotic, yet peaceful Earth.

They call themselves ‘Journalists’, a humble, yet adequate name for someone of such a noble cause. From the warmest of stories that can ever be spread, to the most malicious of events to take place. (Ranging from adorable fluffy pandas and heart-warming reunions to ugly war and destruction)

Some never faltering; even in the presence of such undeniable risks of bombs dropped from the skies above and the traumas of gunshots one could never erase; all in order to ensure media coverage for the unspeakable, cruel things that must be spoken about, debated and eventually solved once and for all; so hopefully, it will never be repeated again in the future.

I have always believed the power of words were something that should never be looked down upon, as they had the potential to both incite a war or rally people for peace. But I have also trusted in; not the complexity of words, but the simplicity of it in order to communicate while developing a mutual understanding for each other, as long as the original, intended meaning is passed on.

Just for two ringgit (or less), a newspaper can be easily acquired from a local vendor, by everyone from all walks of life. It’s a common, accessible item that even our grandparents and their parents had bought on a daily basis in order to read, and extract the abundant information that was printed neatly in a size 12p font. And at the time, education as basic as reading was pretty uncommon and expensive, so newspaper editors had to be efficient and careful about the words they used; if they wanted the general population to understand their articles.

However, even though the times have changed, alongside the standards of education, I still stand strong to my belief, because the sole purpose of a newspaper would always remain the same; even now, as newspapers turn into applications that may be viewed from a portable, hand-held device. No matter how many years and decades might pass, even as tablets or iphones turn into lasers or holo-graphic screens, I really do think they’ll just be the same old newspapers that got an upgrade. To conclude this, isn’t that amazing how simple words can bring forth deeper meanings?

Other than that, most journalists also take their time to share stories of people very much worthy, but forgotten in this world. Folks like the one you see on the highways and roadsides sweeping away every single debris they encounter, or even the ones that work in those water filtering companies; basically the people doing tough, but vital jobs in order to keep our society up and going. They deserve every single honourable mention they get.

When writing articles like these, they serve as an eye-opener for the people who read them. Sure, both doctors and lawyers might get a higher pay, but are they really any more admirable than the garbage collectors who keep our cities a clean place to live in? This way, journalists meet new people and talk to them about their stories. So on an everyday basis, they get to learn something new about this world. Whether it’s something as simple as being caring and considerate to others despite their job, or the steps it takes to make dirty sludge into water safe for consumption.


After all this while, you might be asking, after reading the paragraphs above; just what exactly drives you to become a journalist? And I’d say that it’s a noble cause to commit to, or that it’s because of the beauty I found in all that simplicity and always being able to learn new things with an open mind, or that I really like meeting new people and re-telling their amazing stories.

But it’s really all of the above that makes me feel fuzzy and warm inside; with a passion for writing and taking pictures. In fact, I do already write from my own imagination, on my blog;, but this time I want to try writing, not as a lonely human, but as a team, with awesome friends that I can constantly learn from, in our life-long quest of correcting each other’s grammatical and spelling errors, accompanied by tons of laughs and irreplaceable memories.


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