(0) A Prologue of sorts.


Female, in her late-twenties. She’s the eldest in the bunch, yet she’s the one who brings most of the fun. No one knows why she’s in the group, but she seems to be the one who has been with Renee the longest.


Male, 24. He’s of Spanish descent. So, yes. One could say that he looks absolutely stunning or perhaps not. He’s the engineer of the team, and often jokes around. He may look and act like an air-headed idiot, but don’t be fooled. He’s completely serious about his work, loyal to Renee and his faith.


Female, 18 and fresh out of University. She specializes in languages and psychology. It is rumored that Renee found her in a underground pub of the yakuza that hired her to do stand-up comedy.


Male, 27. He works with Damien a lot and handles the programming or coding of a project. It’s not confirmed whether he’s gay or not. But he denies these, so-called ‘false allegations’ of a budding romance between him and Damien.


Male, _Not sure_

He doesn’t talk much. So we don’t talk about it.


She’s the boss. The end.


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