(1) To humble beginnings.

Four glasses, one ideal world and just 30 minutes before commencement. Wasn’t this just the best way to start it all off?

Just what could go wrong.

Befitting jazz filled the sweet atmosphere of the night, the music player whirred lightly, as Alexis, Damien, June and Shaun held a toast of success regarding the launch of their newest project: Equality. Excitement was history; when taken into consideration the many months and weeks of planning; it had gone to bed along with those hardly forgotten sleepless nights in order to whip this mission into perfection. 

“It has been my utmost pleasure leading all of you, and I sincerely do wish to collaborate once more in the next phase of the new world. I’m sure a lot of improvements and innovations are still up to us to be made-“,

I, Renee, the director of this program had announced before being rudely interrupted by someone of a taller stature, Damien. With the stupidest grin, and the most gorgeous jawline. However, all was forgiven in the end, as laughter soared into the spirits of the five members, after the input of a ridiculous, over-used joke.

Winter wasn’t going strong at this time. It was almost ending yet not. Spring was to be followed after a few more weeks. And by then, there was still plenty of time to rot; and by that I meant relax and do absolutely nothing, but to their credit, they do deserve the break after all they’ve been through.

Chen walked out of the kitchen. Seemingly unfazed by the scene ahead of him, they must have forgotten about him again. Walking calmly to the group, he dropped a heavy tan porcelain jug with a red parchment paper attached to it; most probably full of some weird Chinese alcohol; and heaved his half-hungover body onto the sofa as well. The smile lifted by his cheeks a sight to behold as the asian man had always been devoid of any higher spirits for any reason at all. Those pints of alcohol must’ve done a deal to that mind of his.

“Let’s put our glasses together one more time! for Renee and Equality!”, Damien chimed in for, most probably the 37th time of the hour. Too drunken to care for the repetition and obvious slur in his sentences.

Anyways, everything was completed, the alliance between the most intelligent had shown nothing but potential, and now with success, just within a few hour’s reach. Tomorrow, everything was going to change. For the better, of course it was for the greater good, the lives it will improve, the injustice it will banish, and the problem it’ll solve. Endless. 

We cheered as Damien and Chen were on their way to crowning each other the king of shots, as Shaun provided them with his amazing, shots-making skill. He allowed June to put something in one of the drinks he made, and I never did manage to clarify what the substance was. And seriously, where did all those shots disappear to after they were being downed by these two alcohol freaks?

I don’t quite recall when it was, or how it happened. But we started dancing- rather horrendously- to the light music, and as endearing it was to see them all waltzing to every non-existent beat in a disastrous manner, it was embarrassing to watch. Alexis later convinced me to let my pride go, and insisted on joining them. I slid my heels off and onto the hardwood floor; they would only get in the way; and joined the party.

At one point, Damien who had one too many shots, pulled Shaun into his dance; which seemed innocent enough before he drew him too close to kiss Shaun. The flamboyant male then sought out to grab something else, which I will not speak about.

Let’s just say, we all had a good laugh over it, however the poor frightened soul probably didn’t see it coming from Damien, he gagged and pulled away. Only to pass out after digging out and chugging the extra vodka we kept round the back shelf, in just a few minutes after the initial trauma. Possibly, in an attempt to wipe his brain clean from the god-awful experience perhaps. I hope he didn’t drink too much to causes those cells in his tiny brain to die out.

I can only imagine the shock in his; Damien’s eyes after sobering up in the morning, he is a Catholic after all.

I look forward to it. We all do.

Cheery as they were the night before, as I was at that time. I held the grin in place, firmly. Proud of the team I had brought up, the silence however, lurking at the corner of a 12:04 morning had frightened me terribly.

Bending over to pick up my heels that I had discarded beforehand, I took one last look and shut the door. Praying for their safety and brighter future in the new world. Equality will surely lead us to a better place.

Earth would then be second to heaven.

I have to leave now, before everything comes to light. To whom it may concern, do not attempt to look for me. Please, it’ll do you no good.


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