(4) Defying Death.

I couldn't breathe. It almost felt as if I was drowning, as if my innards were excoriated, or on fire. Heart, now crushed and lungs suffocatingly numb. The seconds that passed by seemed to have lasted for hours, and with every growing minute, I could feel it. The life I had was slowly being tugged … Continue reading (4) Defying Death.


Pretty Views (2).

I'm sorry that I couldn't stay long, there are too many places I must drop by and so less time for it. Such an alluring, mysterious island like you, I would be lying if I said I didn't want you all to myself, but for now, we must depart and you must now become a … Continue reading Pretty Views (2).

(3) Foreign Depths.

She took off to a running start, silent but heavy heart in tow. It was definitely a contrast to the intense clicks her heeled-boots were making. Fluttering all but immaculately was her long, brown curls, caught by the relentless breeze. Swiftly, she made it to the tram stop ten minutes prior to the next ride. There she caught … Continue reading (3) Foreign Depths.

(2) Those inexplicable words neatly tucked in between.

Early mornings were never my thing. It was more of your's, but I've learnt to cherish it as days and weeks passed without the constant blanket-stealing and unforgivable kicking... No more would I be able to arise to the feeling of warmth next to me, or the occasional nudge that, often signaled the arrival of … Continue reading (2) Those inexplicable words neatly tucked in between.