A second chance

…at a blog sounds great to me. It is a new year after all… and people say new years come with newer resolutions for yourself, or the same resolutions that you had last year that you’ve put off time and time again. Like studying harder this school year, cutting off on the caffeine or promising to visit and play tennis with dad every single week. But this time, I’ve decided to take things into my own hands and just get something done right by me for once.

My last blog was a disaster, if you could even call it that. I mean, all those updates that never came and with assignments that never seems to stop coming from *school. So I was unable to post new content and stuff, but all these just accounts for the lack of planning in whatever I do, as well as procrasination. But I prefer to call them ‘excuses’.

*an instituition Jennifer does not approve of, very study and much homeworks. However, Jennifer approves very much of second family there. Such as friends, teachers and recess.

Well, the past is the past. And there’s no turning back now. I hope this might inspire anyone out there who finds this to start their own blog and show the world who you really are. And who you want yourself to be.

Here, I’ll promise to:

  • Write whatever I want without anyone stopping me; without all those endless doubts.
  • Capture my most intimate thoughts throughout my brightest days and darkest nights.
  • Indulge in this freedom as much as I can, in a form of a blog.

Every once a week, or more if I’ve got the time.


Note: I ramble a lot, so lots of my words might be cluttered or unorganized but I hope you’d enjoy this blog otherwise.

With the utmost love and care from my heart, after all how could I not?

Artsy Artie.


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